A Decision Support System Procurement Solution for the University of Babylon

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رحمن ناهي عبد زيارة العميري
12/01/2019 16:17:06

Abstract The procurement activities in organizations typically involve critical decisions made by managers. In order to make a good decision, they need to assess certain relevant criteria. Procurement decision-making faces several challenges such as selecting the best vendor with the right mix of product, price and method to procure it. After studying three multi-criteria decision techniques that have been widely used in procurement decisions, namely, the multi-attribute utility theory, Linear Goal Programming and analytic hierarchy process techniques AHP which is the technique that identified as the foundation on which to build a decision support system for procurement decisions in the University of Babylon, Iraq as a case study. A framework is developed to simplify the design and work of this DSS prototype solution at the university. The research attempts to address the issues regarding information fusion by automatically integrating multiple information sources to enhance the procurement decision-making process through empirical and theoretical findings on the interdependencies that characterize the relationships between information fusion and management decisionmaking. A pre-implementation study is carried out in order to ascertain the usefulness of this prototype solution in promoting user-centered decisions by explaining the various influences of different decisionmaking on the information systems and procurement processes at the University of Babylon, Iraq. The major contribution of this study is to develop tools that aid practitioners in decision-making processes regarding procurement decisions such as DSS planning, DSS technique identification and implementation. The proposed DSS procurement solution is consistent, not complex, not difficult to use and that the properties of the DSS solution is sufficient and not excessive, as well as highlighting the benefits and limitations of the proposed solution.

وصف الــ Tags لهذا الموضوع   Keywords: decision support system, prototype, procurement, analytical hierarchy process.